Throughout the past weeks, we have carefully following the developing information regarding COVID-19.

To date, we have no known COVID-19 contacts in our office. Our staff and doctors show no signs of COVID-19 infection. However, as health care providers in a known COVID-19 impacted area, we feel it is important to follow public health recommendations to help prevent transmission in the community. The BC College of Dental Surgeons now recommends that all non-essential medical and dental treatment be postponed.

We know that cancelling appointments will impact our patients’ schedules. However, the safety of our patients, staff and community is our first priority. At this time, we believe temporarily halting routine care and reinforcing social distancing are the most effective and responsible steps we can take to support public health in our office and community.

We will continue to treat patients who require urgent care. If you have a dental emergency defined as oral-facial trauma, significant infection, and prolonged bleeding or pain which cannot be managed by over-the-counter medications, please call our office at 604-853-1388 x 1.

We are committed to keeping you informed, meeting your dental needs, and working with you to keep our community safe. If you have had an appointment cancelled for the coming weeks, we will be in touch.

There are difficult times ahead. Let’s take care of one another.

Tsang Family Dentistry


I am in pain but it doesn’t meet your definition of emergency: Please call 604-853-1388 x 1 and leave us a detailed message and a staff member/doctor will get back to you and try our best to assess the situation remotely.

I have a dental emergency, but I am not your patient: we recommend that you try to contact your primary dentist first, as they will be more familiar with your medical and dental history. However, if you are unable to get in contact with them, we will be happy to do what we can to help.


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